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to show the world what you can do.


Have you ever thought... If I only had a few minutes to video chat with my favorite celebrity… I would tell him how he got me through a rough patch with his music, or how her acting really made me feel alive again, or how his football skills brightened my weekends. So many things we want to tell them, things we feel grateful about... but everywhere they go, it’s just paparazzi following them around.

You know what’s crazy? A lot of celebs are also dying to spend a little quality time with some of their fans. But it’s also hard for them to pick someone from the crowd and have a quiet, real conversation for at least a few minutes. They need a safe, private platform to interact with some of the most ardent followers.

And that’s where we come in. We are just the facilitators of these meaningful human interactions. We provide the place, the structure, the safety net. You bring the conversation to life.

How Does StarDial Work?

StarDial is a platform that allows people to connect via video. When a user first signs up and downloads the free app, they can discover other users within the app or broadcast their own video.

As a user, you will be able to see who’s online at the moment. If a person is online, you have the option to either join a group video call or request a private video call.

A celeb or influencer sets their own rates for group or private video calls, so you will see, before joining the call, how much it would cost.

If you don’t have any credits on your account, you can buy them either within the app or on the StarDial website.

You can join a group video call for as many minutes as you wish and abandon it at any time.

If you have an existing social media following or wish to just stream your own video, you can set up your own rates and just go live. Usually celebs and influencers announce to their followers the day and time when they will go live so people can make plans in advance.


  • Streaming will only work on Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you use any other browser, please download Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full benefits of StarDial.
  • Streaming will NOT work when you access the website via a mobile device. If you wish to use StarDial on your mobile device, please download the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play (Search for StarDial)
  • If you are visiting the website on your mobile device, you will only be able to login to your account, change your account setting, and order points. Remember that ordering points via the website will save you 30 percent.