About Us

Star struck

Let’s admit it: at one level or another, we have all been star struck. A famous athlete, musician, actor, politician or even a poet. They personalize some of our ideals and aspirations.

I remember going to a Michael Jackson concert when I was a teenager. The concert, the last one of the 1992 European Tour, was in Canary Islands. Twenty feet from the stage, my jaw dropped when I saw him dancing. It was Michael Jackson right before my eyes!! Everyone was screaming in ecstasy and jumping up and down frenetically. Some even fainted. After the concert, people just wanted to know where he was staying, just to take a picture of him, with him… something, anything! People would have given anything just to talk to him for a few minutes.

We need to know!

Millions of magazines sell out worldwide because people are curious to know what celebrities are up to: their travels, their marriages, infidelities, their secrets. We demand to know. Even beyond that, we need to make sure they are also human. Do they really go grocery shopping? Do they do their own laundry? Do they also wear jeans and t-shirts?Just like the rest of us?

When Twitter first came out, it revolutionized our relationship with celebs. Here was a platform which gave us a behind-the-scenes look into the celebs’ lives, minute by minute, with their incessant broadcast of events, meals, opinions… What an upgrade! A broadcast of their lives in real time to their whole fan base. But something was still missing…

What if we could have something that would allow us to TALK individually to one of those celebs? What if the message was not broadcast but for our ears only? What if it could happen in a video chat?

We’ve all seen those wonderful videos of famous athletes when they visit a hospital to brighten a child’s day or when the Make-A-Wish foundation manages to have a celebrity visit some other kid. Those are wonderful experiences.

What if we could make that even bigger?

Celebrities could connect to fans privately. Fans could enjoy a live video chat with celebs. Obviously celebrities wouldn’t want to use their personal phones for privacy and security issues, so we decided to build a platform that would allow this wonderful experience to take place.

What if a kid in Japan wanted to congratulate LeBron after the NBA finals? What if a child in an Oakland school wanted to say hi to Messi? What if your mother would love to say hi to George Clooney? Or your college roommate wanted to talk Football with Odell Beckham?

That would be the gift of a lifetime, wouldn’t it?