Celebrity/Influencer FAQ

How does StarDial know if I am a celebrity or an influencer?

We use the verification process provided by Facebook and Twitter.

Do I need to be a celebrity to be able to stream through the app?

No. Even though being a celebrity or an influencer helps since you already have an audience that could connect with you on StarDial, any user can start streaming on the app. It’s our hope many streamers become influencers through the use of the app.

Which platforms are supported by the app?

You can use the platform on your web browser or you can download the iOS or the Android app.

How do I register an account with Stardial?

To create an account, you have the option to use your Facebook or your Twitter credentials.

How much does it cost to video chat with a celebrity/influencer?

Any person streaming from the app is able to set up their own rates per minute. There are two different types of rates: private and group. Private rates will tend to be higher than group rates. Private rates are for users who wish to connect one on one with a celebrity. Group rates are for when you join other users to watch the celebrity in a group setting.

How should I promote my video streaming?

We suggest you promote the video streaming via social media. By leveraging your social media following, you would get a sense of how much interest you can generate. Start by promoting a video streaming session by announcing, for instance, “tomorrow at 7:00pm EST I would be streaming from the gym. Join tomorrow with your StarDial app to get a sneak peek of my workout routines.”

How do I cash out?

Streamers can check, via the app, how much money they have made in your StarDial account. Before cashing out, you will have to fill out a 1099 form and give us your bank account info so we can transfer you the money.

How do group video calls work?

With group video calls, you will be able to see the celebrity streaming, plus you would get to send instant messages via the app. The main difference with the private call is that the streamer will not see the faces of the users connected. Only the users will see the celebrity’s face. The main advantage of the group video call is that it’s more affordable than the private call.

If I connect to a group video call, do I have to stay connected the whole time?

No, if you join a group video call, you can connect at any time and disconnect at any time you wish. You will only be charged for the minutes you have been connected to the call. There is no minimum or maximum time required to stay connected to the call. As long as the streamer is live, you have the choice to connect or disconnect from the call as you wish.

Do credits expire?

No, credits never expire.

Can I get a refund for unused credits?

No, we don't offer refunds for credits.